About Softneck Garlic: These are the most common garlics grown. They do not produce a seed stalk, although some may under climatic stress.They are easy to grow in a wide variety of climatic conditions. They have a longer shelf life than hardnecks, and under proper conditions can keep for up to 9 months. Three bulbs generally provide cloves for 20-30 plants. Softnecks take up little room and cross-pollination does not occur. Taste and texture can vary considerably between varieties. To find the cultivars that suits you and your family's taste best you should grow as many varieties as you can obtain and try them all. Planting garlic varieties are listed below.

Seed Stock. Hand-picked garlic varieties for planting can be purchased in limited quantities in advance of harvest. Depending on variety we usually start shipping in December. You get the best bulbs by ordering early. We will ship your order when all of the varieties you have requested are ready. We do not guarantee minimum diameters but sell according to maximum diameters. The size of the bulb you receive depends on the variety and size you ordered for planting. As a general rule large bulbs of each variety produce larger cloves of the same variety which produce larger garlic at harvest. Bulbs of each variety may also be purchased as eating garlic


  Softnecks are listed below. Because the stock of some varieties is often limited, orders are processed in the order at which they are received. We are pleased to offer CERTIFIED ORGANIC seed garlic while it lasts. Be sure to order early because organic seed garlic at these prices sell out fast.


If you prefer, you can choose your garlic according to taste rather than type. To check the varieties by taste you can go to Table Garlic 


Our Softneck Varieties

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Combined Softneck garlic varietiesArtichoke GarlicSilverskin GarlicTurban Garlic
Combined Softneck garlic varieties

Artichoke Garlic

Silverskin Garlic

Turban Garlic

Creole Garlic
Creole Garlic

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